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Josh Hutcherson, SBNN Charity Basketball Game, August 8, 2014

No I mean I wasn’t looking at the bulge or anything what are you talking about


Oh hell Angela…you take wonderful photos!

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Fuzzy Josh is fuzzy. Ah, well…

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Thanks, honey! Love you! Less than three months…

I’m counting down!!! I can’t wait!

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oh man larry richman just called josh OUT on twitter….

Well, to be fair, Josh needs to get his ass in gear. We all want to see that glorious boy get wet. ;)

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Reblog if you want a bunch of “have you evers” and “would you rathers” in your ask box right now.


Yes, yes I would…..please!

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joshifer, hospital waiting room

ASKED BY ohmyjoshiferr.


The air smells like antiseptic and burns my nose. I wrinkle it and turn to my sluggish partner in crime.

His feet and legs are stretched out and he’s laid back resting his head on the dark wall behind him. His hair is a mess and there is sweat beading his lip. His jaw that only an hour ago was flexed in pain is now relaxed. He looks so young, soft, like he could be sleeping.

"Jennnnnnn? Whatchya look’n at?" His words slur slightly and his warm honeyed eyes when they open are hazy.

I guess the pain meds have kicked in.

I smile back. “Your ugly face.”

He snorts. “You like my face. It’s mine. My face.Yep, though you could stop kicking it any day now. That would be awesome.”

Groaning I bite my lip and cover my eyes with my hands. “God I’m sorry.”

His giggles echo through the empty room. “It’s fine. I’m so so fine right now.”

"You’re high."

Grinning stupidly he nods the small movement making him almost fall sideways off his chair and only laugh harder.

"I can’t believe I kicked you in the fucking head again. You said you could catch me!"

"I did catchhhh you! You panicked! Flailed like you thought you were going to fucking die!"

I can’t help but laugh as well. “We failed in our attempt commemorate Dirty Dancing. Such a waste.”

Josh just keeps grinning at me through eyes that are half closed. He looks adorable. Which is why I am completely thrown off when he leans in suddenly.

His nose brushes mine and his throat rolls as he swallows. I can smell the whiskey from earlier on the warm breaths that leave his lips. His eyes are serious and the heat leaving his body makes my pulse flutter.

His voice is deliciously low in my ear when he whispers, “Nobody puts baby in the corner.”

He cracks up again thinking he’s hilarious and this time does lose his balance. He crashes into me and I have to catch him by the shoulders with his head cradled to my chest. I wonder if he can hear my heart pounding beneath my ribs?

"Mmmmmm soft." He burrows his face shamelessly into my chest.

"You schmell so fucking good. Always so gooood."

His words are warm and muffled in my shirt and I have to laugh.

"You are laying in my boobs Josh. Your ugly face is buried by my breasts right now."

He smiles as his eyes close. “Boobies. I like your boobs. And you, you like my face.”

The grin slowly falls from his mouth as it goes slack with sleep and he starts to drool onto my chest. Brushing the hair from his head I sigh. Trace his eyebrows and his stubbled cheek. I do like his face.

I’m starting to think I might love it.

Oh my darling Buns. beautiful.

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Reasons why hiccupbuddies is amazing: 1/?


Me and hiccupbuddies are having a casual chat…

Me: You know, it’s Friday already, and LG hasn’t announced we’re getting the trailer on Sunday. I think the rumor was false :(

Hiccupbuddies: Maybe we don’t get a trailer.

Me: lol. Ewwwww.

Hiccupbuddies: Maybe…

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Aw, yay! Love you <3<3 

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