I ship you with me, baby!

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You better!!

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I love Tati in the background lmfao <3

It’s adorable. I love it.

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Which tumblr user do you ship me with?

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Escobar: Paradise Lost at TIFF 2014 and Telluride Film Festival 2014 Round Up



TIFF 2014: Josh Hutcherson defends Jennifer Lawrence in nude photo hack scandal

So Josh Hutcherson’s Escobar: Paradise Lost Character Is Just Peeta, Basically

Photo Coverage: Inside TIFF Photo Call for ESCOBAR: PARADISE LOST

Josh Hutcherson Premieres ‘Escobar: Paradise…

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tacosychurros: Celebrating Mexican Independence with mi Amigo Josh Hutcherson #VivaMexico #VivaGaTech (x)

oh my gosh. i love this!

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youhnee: he’s the Peeta to my bread and by far the coolest celebrity ever. #josh #muuuhhhfckin #hutcherson (x)

I’m trying to picture hanging out with Josh in a dorm room, and all I come up with is dirty… ;)

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ellenymin: It was really nice meeting you and talking to you @jhutch1992 (x)

I am loving the guy in the back ;)

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Excuse me but what the fuck

Nick spends 2 seconds under a blanket. This is bologna.

I don’t think we were watching the same movie…and sweets-for-my-sweet's hand that we miraculously didn't break can vouch for that LOL. 

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No real audio, but this is cute! From the Paradise Lost premiere Thursday!

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My friend David met Josh Hutcherson last night at his school, Georgia Tech, and told him I was in love with him. Life is made.

this is so fricking adorable.

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