Pour la famille c’est très important et ça l’a aidé pour jouer son personnage Nick dans


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Honoree Elizabeth Banks and actress Jennifer Lawrence attend ELLE’s 21st Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration

I love them. And JLaw looks so happy! <3 

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Yummy! Can’t wait to try! Thank you seboss12 😃

I hope you enjoy!! I’ve never tried those twizzlers, but they looked very American lol! ;)

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myusernamehere replied to your video “my baby brother…I can’t even…I question if we are related ;)”

LOL! He seems like a fun guy.

he is, lol, but very annoying at times too :)

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my baby brother…I can’t even…I question if we are related ;)

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MathyDreamy: I met @jhutch1992 today in Paris ! He was so fucking adorable, omg i just..! I love him so muchhh 🙈💖 I’m so happy (x)


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r.darkholme: Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to meet you “in person” (I wasn’t in the front😓) but I saw you. And what I saw is a very beautiful girl who never stopped smiling, a boy always so kind and happy that he almost doesn’t seems real, and two handsome men that were so so elegant.. The movie was incredible. I had chills. The last scene in the church MOVED ME. SO SO MUCH. I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to come and see this Premiere and this amazing cast. I’m really happy. thank you all. #joshhutcherson #claudiatraisac #beniciodeltoro #andreadistefano #escobarparadiselost #paradiselost #nick #maria #pabloescobar #romefilmfestival2014 #rff2014 #rome #première #cast #loveasbigasmountains (x)

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Josh Hutch Source has a fantastic collection of videos from the PL Red Carpet last night–I’m not going to reblog them all here, so be sure to check out the page for all those goodies! 


Yes, please! A lot of work went into it, go check it out! <3

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pepsikilos: W/ Josh Hutcherson in Paris #JoshHutcherson #HungerGames (x)

the denim! The facial hair! *swoon*

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CapitolTV Presents ‘District Voices’ - ALL-NEW Series! (x)

Peeta <3

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